Fine Mesh Hair Nets

Fine Mesh Hair Nets

    Get White Fine Mesh Hair Nets, 500/cs T310Mesh at Harmony

    White Fine Mesh Hair Nets


    Harmony Price: $54.99
    White Fine Mesh Hair Nets Keep work areas hair-free! Keystone Fine Mesh Hair nets are the perfect choice for a range of different applications. The fine mesh style offers an aperture of just 0.0625 inches, which helps keep your hair net securely in...
    Harmony Price: $54.99

Fine Mesh Disposable Hair Nets

Working in food service or a warehouse environment its critical to keep your hair restrained away from working machinery or hot foods. Required by the FDA and USDA for safety and sanitation reasons, it does not need to be uncomfortable. With our disposable fine mesh hair nets having openings only a sixteenth of an inch wide it helps keep hair protected. Made with nylon, our hair nets are completely latex free to prevent any issues with latex allergies, with an elastic band to keep them in place throughout a hectic shift.

Dont let your hair get caught in the way of work, with three different sizes depending on hair length, from 18-inch hairnets to 24-inch hairnets for longer hair. With our years of experience and a hair fitting guide we can ensure you get the right size hairnet for the job. Meeting the USDA standards for inspected plants, these fine mesh hairnets come in 500 per case at a great price from Harmony.