Hot Mill Gloves

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Hot Mill Work Gloves

Hot mill gloves are made for superior performance when handling high-temperature or low-temperature equipment and machinery. We have nap-out knuckle strap hot mill gloves made of 100 percent cotton for handling low- to moderate-temperature materials.

What are hot mill gloves used for?

Hot mill gloves withstand high temperatures during operations such as welding, forging, casting, and handling hot metals. These gloves are standard personal protective equipment (PPE) for many workers. Many gloves have additional safety features, including cut and abrasion resistance.

What gloves are best for heat resistance?

For handling excessively hot-temperature equipment and machinery, choose cotton canvas gloves with double-layer palms, thumbs, and index fingers, plus more than 2 inches of extended wrist protection.

For light-duty welding, consider regular shoulder leather welder gloves by hot mill gloves manufacturer Liberty Glove & Safety. These light-duty welding gloves have excellent flexibility with full sock linings and wing thumb designs.

We also carry premium shoulder leather hot mill heavy-duty welding gloves with reinforced thumbs and full sock linings to protect against high temperatures. Each pair of heavy-duty welding gloves is made with added Kevlar thread to resist chemicals, heat, scrapes, and wear.

Where can you buy hot mill gloves?

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is your source for hot mill gloves and other work gloves. We stock PPE from trusted brands like Honeywell, Portwest, and more. Please take advantage of our reliable sales and support team with decades of experience.