Dental Bibs

Dental Bibs

Dental Bibs

Laboring in a dental environment does not need to be overly messy. These disposable dental bids are designed with cleanliness and sanitation in mind. Made with 2-ply, paper to absorb the spills and polyethylene to ensure nothing soaks through these soft comfortable bibs can keep you dry and sanitary. Serving not only as a dental bib, in a pinch they can absorb liquids, inks, moisture for whatever you need.

What are dental bibs called?

Dental bibs are used primarily in dental procedures to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and prevent bacteria from soiling a patient's clothes. Other industries may also use dental bibs for their client's cleanliness: tattoo parlors, nail salons, and aestheticians. Dental bibs may be referred to as "patient bibs" although they are the same product. Dental bibs are usually multi-ply with a tissue and polyurethane side for added water-repellance.

Why do you wear a bib at the dentist?

Dental bibs keep patients from drooling on their clothes during dental procedures. It also serves the purpose of preventing chemicals and other dental materials from dropping on patients during procedures. Patients' bibs come in one size generally, but some manufacturers make patient bibs sized specifically for children. Paper and plastic dental bibs have a special coating to keep liquid from absorbing into the materials and dropping onto the patient's clothing. All dental procedures involve dental bibs, including routine cleaning, fillings, deep cleanings, bridges, crowns, and any emergency surgery.

Why do nail techs use dental bibs?

Dental bibs serve as functional lap cloths that make cleaning after procedures effortless. Cosmetology services, aestheticians, and tattoo artists use dental bibs for convenience and cleanliness. Many technicians use dental bibs to line trays and keep their tools sterile before use. Dental bibs differ from disposable adult bibs used in long-term care facilities because they are shorter and generally have a different material composition.

Where can you buy dental bibs?

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