String Knit Gloves

String Knit Gloves

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  • Get Men's & Ladies Cotton/Poly String Knit Gloves, 12 pair LIB4517Q at Harmony

    Reversible Cotton/Polyester Knit Glove, 12/pair

    Liberty Glove

      Reversible Natural White Cotton/Poly String Knit Gloves Ambidextrous! Cotton/Polyester Knit Glove provides comfort and allow hands to breathe with less hand fatigue. Snug Fit. Elastic wrist insures a snug comfortable fit and prevents...
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String Knit Work Gloves

String knit gloves are the perfect solution for a wide range of handling applications. Because they're made of comfortable, breathable cotton or cotton and polyester blend materials, they'll keep your hands protected without excess heat. The knit material allows air to flow through while also acting as a highly absorbent medium for keeping your hands well-protected in dirty environments. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies carries light-duty and general-purpose cotton string gloves by Liberty Glove & Safety, one of the premier makers of workplace gloves and apparel.

Our cotton string knit gloves come in several unique styles, from standard full-finger white string knit gloves to high-visibility Orange PVC Honeycomb coated string knit gloves that keep you safe in dark and low-lit environments. We also offer string knit fingerless gloves that provide warmth and protection without limiting your dexterity or preventing you from using touchscreen devices. Need the breathability of a string knit glove plus extra grip? Be sure to consider our Cotton String Knit Gloves with PVC Dots that feature additional grip on the palm side. 

We have a string knit glove for your particular scenario and budget at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Choose a reversible pair if you work in demanding environments and want to get double the wear out of a single pair or opt for standard, economical styles that won't break the bank. We also have unique knit work gloves for men and women so that you and your employees always get the perfect fit. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is happy to offer excellent deals on string knit gloves coupled with fast shipping and quantity discounts on essential workplace gloves.