Microfiber Wipes

Microfiber Wipes

Microfiber Wipes

What are microfiber wipes used for?

Microfiber wipes are used to clean surfaces and remove dust and dirt. Many people use them to clean their computer screens, TV screens, camera lenses, phones, glasses, and more.

Using microfiber wipes is very easy! All you need to do is wet the wipe with water or a cleaning solution (like iso alcohol). Then you can use the wipe on any surface that needs cleaning. You can also reuse a microfiber wipe by rinsing it off in water and letting it dry out before using it again.

When should I not use a microfiber wipe?

Microfiber wipes are a great way to clean your glasses, phone, and other small items. However, they are not a substitute for disinfecting medical wipes. Microfiber may deteriorate when exposed to harsh cleaning solutions commonly found in medical settings.

Where can you buy microfiber wipes?

Microfiber cleaning cloths excel at cleaning delicate items - from windows, hard-surface floors, and upholstery to LCD screens and electronics - thanks to their durable, lint-free, and non-abrasive design. Old-fashioned lint-free cotton wipes or rags don't compare. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is the best place to buy microfiber cleaning towels. Shop Rubbermaid and Boardwalk microfiber cloths in blue, green, yellow, pink, and red. A color-coding system can easily be implemented for specific uses.