CleanTex Cotton Wipes

CleanTex Cotton Wipes

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    Cleantex Cotton Twill Wipes, 4 sizes


    $39.99 - $149.99
    CleanTex Cotton Wipes Heat Resistant, Durable, Soft to the touch Strong. Tightly woven, bias-cut 100% double-sided twill patterned cotton wiper is woven from 100% long staple cotton fibers in a cross section on 118 x 60 threads per inch. Low-lint...
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    $39.99 - $149.99
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    $39.99 - $149.99
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Cleantex Cotton Wipes

When it comes to industrial wipes, CleanTex proves not all wipes are created equal. CleanTex wipers are an industry leader when it comes to the strength, quality and composition you need. We carry an extensive line of wipers, including Kimwipes, Sontara wipes, WyPall wipes, and CleanTex wipes available in a variety of sizes and features specially engineered for different applications. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect wiper for cleaning, polishing or removing aqueous and organic solvent spills quickly and conveniently. Sold in bulk quantities, you can ensure you always have reliable wipes available for all your cleaning, spill control or polishing needs - at an affordable price.

What distinguishes CleanTex wipers from ordinary cotton varieties is how they are made. We carry wipes that are made from 100 percent double-sided twill patterned cotton for excellent resistance to buildup of electrostatic discharge. They are ideal for cleaning aqueous and organic solvent spills in areas where high temperatures prevent the use of synthetic wipes. They are also safe for cleaning magnetic media surfaces and delicate electronic components. They have thought of everything when they designed these wipes, down to the low-lint surface and edges that will not unravel to prevent product contamination. Available in sizes that range from small to extra-large, find the right size cotton twill wipe for your work space needs. For your convenience, we offer bulk quantities at discount prices, so you can purchase the exact amount you need while staying within your budget. Quantities vary from 150 per bag all the way to 1,200 per bag.

Try CleanTex Cotton Wipes once and experience for yourself why these extremely durable, highly absorbent and heat-resistant wipes are the only ones countless professional rely on when they need to tackle endless, messy jobs. Need another reason to love them? They are proudly made in the U.S.