ESD Safe Apparel

ESD Safe Apparel

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Estatec ESD Safe Apparel

Not only does clothing generate significant charges, it insulates and holds those charges, presenting a significant danger to sensitive electronics. Wear ESD (electrostatic-discharge) Lab Coats to "cage" those charges to the inside of the coat and protect nearby sensitive electronics. Lab Coats are also anti-static to minimize their own generation of electrostatic charges.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies carries a variety of reusable ESD Lab Coats with front snaps, 3 pockets, a pen hanger, an ESD label. Choose the lab coats that have the features that best fit your needs. We have designs that are lightweight, that are cleanroom-compatible, that have snap cuffs or knit cuffs. If you're getting snap cuff lab coats, we carry anti-static ESD wrist straps and coil cords to ground them. If you don't see the size, length, or color that you need, just give us a call at 800-899-1255.

We also carry conductive strip ESD shoe covers to keep your clean room and electronics manufacturing facilities from static build-up, dirt and dust. ESD shoe covers have a conductive strip on the sole of each shoe to provide ESD grounding. These clean room shoe covers are available with skid-resistant soles. Our conductive shoe covers are designed to help protect static-sensitive equipment and devices. Brands we carry include Keystone ESD shoe covers.

Keystone conductive strip shoe covers have full-length nonwoven conductive strips. We have sizes in these latex-free reusable shoe covers that fit over most shoe sizes. Keystone Safety's shoe covers are available at our discount prices. Choose skid-free bottoms to safely navigate uneven or slippery floors. Also shop our low prices on premium brands of lab coat apparel, disposable gloves and cleaning supplies designed for clean room and ESD use.