Water Resistant Shoe Covers

Water Resistant Shoe Covers

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    PureGard Seamless Shoe Covers, Blue, 500/pair

    Liberty Glove

    PureGard Disposable Polyethylene (PE) Seamless Shoe Covers, T330ETH-BE Protection from liquids. Seamless. One piece design protects your shoes or socks against liquids. Made from lint free 0.13mm polyethylene (PE) film, which is thicker than...
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Water Resistant Shoe Covers (seamless)

Shoe covers are ideal for preventing dirt accumulation and contamination in controlled environments, but not all shoe covers have properties that make them ideal for all applications. Seamless, water resistant shoe covers are resistant to moisture, making them a good choice for wet environments. Made of lint-free polyethylene film, these waterproof boot covers protect shoes and socks against liquids. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies has top-quality styles to suit your needs. When it comes to economical water resistant shoe covers, disposable styles by Keystone are the best choice. They provide easy donning and disposable convenience, making them a good choice for so many different applications. Our seamless shoe covers are packaged in convenient 150- or 500-count cases so you get enough for your specific needs every time. You can even choose from blue or white liquid resistant shoe covers. With two sizes to choose from - large and extra-large - your feet will stay protected.