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PermaGard Microporous Boot Cover, 100 pairs/case


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PermaGard Microporous Boot Cover

Soft, Breathable Fabric - Micro-porous film over spunbonded polypropylene

  • Safe. Microporous Boot Covers are a good choice for Wet and Dry situations where barrier and repellency are needed. Protects against non-toxic liquid spray, dirt and dust.
  • Comfortable. Lightweight, soft and breathable. Great for hot environments, workers stay cool.
  • Multi-use. Ideal for Cleanrooms, medical, pharmaceutical, nontoxic liquid handling, industrial and general use.
  • Boot Cover is 18" high for maximum protection.
  • 100 pairs per case.


PermaGard Microporous Boot Cover

You should acquire microporous boot covers for your workers if your environment requires wet and dry footwear protection. These covers are fabricated using a double layer material consisting of microporous film and spunbond polypropylene. Therefore, the disposable products can repel dust and dirt, nontoxic sprays and general particulates. These white boot covers are favorable over alternatives because the fabric is breathable and light. Your employees can wear the apparel for prolonged periods in hot work environments without overwhelming discomfort. In addition, these covers are 18” high, guaranteeing maximum protection. Microporous is a general purpose protective material that can be used in any non-hazardous application to protect against dirt, light liquid splashes, and particulates.

Industrial Applications:

  • Protects against fiberglass particles, carbon dust, and dry non-hazardous particulates
  • Used in the agricultural industry and ideal for light duty applications. 

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