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Medicine Cups

Medicine Cups

    Get Non-Sterile Graduated Medicine Plastic Cups, 1 oz. DYND8000 at Harmony Get Non-Sterile Graduated Medicine Plastic Cups, 1 oz. DYND8000 at Harmony

    Non-Sterile Graduated Medicine Cups, 1 oz.


    Harmony Price: $1.99
    Non-Sterile Graduated Plastic Medicine Cups Translucent Plastic Translucent cups suitable for dispensing both liquid and dry medications Calibrated from 1-8 drams, 1/8-1 fluid ounce, 1-2 tablespoon and 2.5-30mL and cc. Choose from packs of 100 or...
    Harmony Price: $1.99

Plastic Medicine Portion Cups

From a safety office to a medical setting, sometimes medicine or fluids need to be administered in a proper dose. Don't risk a misdose or using a glass cup that can shatter, with these plastic graduated medicine cups you can dispose of them when done. Translucent to ensure an accurate dosage in both ml, cc, fl oz and drams for your convenience. Suitable for both dry and liquid medication, these medicine cups won't shatter like glass and come in packs of a 100 or cases of 5000. Utilizing our experience over the years, we at Harmony can match you with the best possible exam room supplies and medical supplies for your work.

Graduated plastic medicine portion cups are ideal for dispensing liquid or dry medications. Medical cups are transparent, with calibrated measurements, and are latex-free.