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3M Versaflo M-307 Respiratory Hard Hat Assembly with Premium Visor and Flame-resistant Faceseal, ea

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3M Versaflo M-307 Respiratory Hard Hat Assembly with Premium Visor and Faceseal

  • Use right out of the box - Complete, fully assembled PAPR Headtop allows for use right out of the box with any 3M Versaflo system. QRS (Quick Release Swivel) breathing tube port allows fast and easy connection.
  • Respiratory, head, and eye protection - Helps provide respiratory (OSHA APF 25) protection when used with an approved air source (3M PAPR or SAR), plus limited head (ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class G) and eye (ANSI Z87.1-2010) protection.
  • Directed airflow - A built-in air deflector allows users to direct the location of the airflow inside the headgear for increased control and comfort.
  • Large-viewing area -  Hard-coated polycarbonate visor with 66 sq. in. viewing area resists scratches and provides excellent peripheral and downward vision with good optical clarity.
  • Lightweight for excellent comfort - Weighs 1.9 lbs (850 g). The articulating ratchet suspension includes six-point textile straps for excellent comfort and weight distribution. Smooth ratchet mechanism allows for precise tightening control to maximize comfort for each individual user.
  • Common applications - Most powder handling, paint spraying and general maintenance applications where hard hat protection is required or desired.
  • Includes -
    • Premium visor (M-927) - Scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant silicone hard coat.
    • Flame resistant faceseal(M-937) - Flame resistant polyester faceseal protects wear's face when doing hot work.
    • Size reducing comfort pad (M-956) - For additional comfort and improving the fit and stability for smaller head sizes.
    • 1 Peel off visor cover (M-928) - Protects visor from paint overspray or other contamination. Visor covers can stack (up to 5) and peel off easily to quickly "clean" viewing area during use.

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