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3M M-928 Versaflo Peel-Off Visor Covers for Premium Visors, 40/case

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3M Versaflo Peel-Off Visor Covers, for M-927 Premium Visor, 40/case

  • The M-928 Visor Cover fits over the the 3M Versaflo M-927 Premium Visor and protects it from scratching or overspray of paint, chemicals, and other contaminants.
    • Helps extend life of premium visors included with the M-107 and M-207 Respiratory Faceshields, M-307 Respiratory Hard Hat, and M-407 Respiratory Helmet.
    • Recommended applications: Painting, Assembly & Mechanical, Cleaning, Metal Repair, Composite Finishing, Welding, Paint Preparation, Final Finish.
    • NOTE: Designed for the M-927 premium coated visor. Use on the M-925 standard visor may leave residue upon removal.
  • Adhesive film is easy to apply and remove as covers get dirty to maintain a clear view during use. Up to five transparent covers can be attached, one on top of the other, reducing the number of times you must stop working to reapply covers.
  • Packaged 10 per pack, 4 packs per case = 40 peel-off visor covers.
  • 3M Part Number 37452, 3M Product Number M-928, 3M ID 7100138631.


  • Ensure the visor is clean and dry before attaching any visor covers.
  • To attach peel-off visor covers, peel off the paper backing from the adhesive on the edges of the cover.
  • Center the cover over the visor and press the edges with the adhesive coating against the visor.

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