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Suzuki Extra Thick Latex Finger Cots, 300/bag


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Suzuki Orange 16 Mil Latex Finger Cots

Extra Thick for more Protection!

  • Excellent Protection from Sharp Objects.
  • Heavy duty finger cots are Durable and Reusable.
  • Textured Surface for Positive Grip - Even When Wet.
  • Lightly-Powdered for Easy On/Off.
  • Made from Natural Latex.
  • 300 Unrolled Finger Cots per Pack.

Finger Cot Thickness (mm/in)

  • Size Small: 0.37/15 mil
  • Size Medium: 0.39/15 mil
  • Size Lage: 0.41/16 mil

Suzuku 16 mil Latex Finger Cot Data Sheet

Suzuki# F8U-S, M, L


Suzuki Latex Finger Cots, Orange, 16 mil. Thick

Suzuki Latex industrial finger cots are extra thick to offer even greater protection. Keep finger cots stocked for employee safety. Whether your company is in the food service, hospital, cleaning, machining or other industries. Suzuki 16 Millimeter Latex Finger Cots are tough, durable and reusable. Employees will be able to get many wears from a single finger cot. The bright orange color helps to make these cots highly visible as an added measure of safety.

Industrial Grade Finger Cots made of heavy duty 100% natural rubber latex material. These tough, durable, and reusable finger cots are cost effective. Use anywhere around sharp objects, prickly surfaces, or rough finishes. Finger cots arrive unrolled and lightly powdered. Textured surface provides a firm grip that is slip resistant. Orange color for easy recognition.


  • Banks
  • Electronic Assembly
  • General Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities
  • Post Office

Q. Are these latex finger cots powder-free?
A. No, these heavy duty finger cots are lightly powders for easier donning.

Q. Are the cots big enough for thumbs too?
A. Yes, these finger cots should fit all your fingers. If the fit is too snug you can try a larger size.

Q. How thick are these finger cots?
A.Finger Cot Thickness (mm/in):

  • Size Small: 0.37/15 mil
  • Size Medium: 0.39/15 mil
  • Size Large: 0.41/16 mil

Q. Can you use a touch-screen with these finger cots?
A. As these cots are extra thick, touchscreens may not be able to register your fingers. If you require touchscreen use, we recommend Suzuki Nitrile Finger Cots.

Q. Are these heat resistant?
A. No, these finger cots are not recommended for applications involving high heat or temperature.

Extra Information

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