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FitRight: The Trusted Choice for Comfort and Confidence in Incontinence Care

Published by Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies on May 01, 2024

FitRight: The Trusted Choice for Comfort and Confidence in Incontinence Care


Since its launch in 2012, FitRight has revolutionized incontinence care with its premium materials and advanced technology, offering unparalleled comfort and protection. Recognized as the #1 brand in healthcare facilities, FitRight now brings these trusted solutions directly to your home, featuring products like the FitRight Plus Incontinence Briefs and FitRight Extra Protective Underwear.

Detailed Look at FitRight’s Featured Products

FitRight offers an array of products designed to meet various incontinence needs. Two standout products in their line are the FitRight Plus Incontinence Briefs and the FitRight Extra Protective Underwear.

FitRight Plus Incontinence Briefs:

These briefs provide hospital-quality care, ideal for individuals with moderate to heavy incontinence. They feature a soft, cloth-like outer cover that doesn’t crinkle, making them discreet and natural-feeling. The flexible, breathable stretch panels allow air to flow, increasing comfort throughout the day. Additionally, they include multiple repositionable tabs for a snug, adjustable fit and anti-leak guards for reliable protection. The superabsorbent 4D Core ensures long-lasting dryness and odor control. Sizes range from Medium to 2XL, catering to a broad spectrum of body sizes.

FitRight Extra Protective Underwear:

Designed for active individuals, these underwear allow for easy movement without worry. They mimic the feel of normal underwear with a less bulky, body-contoured design that remains discreet under clothing. The moisture-wicking technology and linear embossing distribute fluid throughout the core, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. This product is excellent for those needing moderate absorbency for bladder and light bowel incontinence. Available in sizes from Medium to Extra-Large, they provide a fit for various body types.

Benefits of Using FitRight Products

FitRight products not only offer physical comfort but also boost confidence for users by providing discreet, effective protection. Testimonials highlight their impact:

  • Mike shares: "It meets my mother's needs. It's comfortable and gives her confidence."
  • Diane notes: "Good absorbency."
  • Jose adds: "Great product, good fit."

These real-user experiences underline the reliability and quality of FitRight’s incontinence solutions.

Choosing and Using FitRight Products

Selecting the correct type of product is crucial. FitRight offers detailed product descriptions and sizing information on their website to assist customers in making informed choices. For those uncertain about sizing or which product to choose, our customer service is available to provide expert guidance and support.


FitRight stands out in the incontinence care market for its commitment to quality, comfort, and dignity. By offering advanced products like the FitRight Plus Briefs and FitRight Extra Underwear, the brand ensures that users can lead active and confident lives. Explore the FitRight range on their product pages and utilize the customer service team for personalized advice, ensuring the best incontinence care for you or your loved ones.

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