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FitRight Plus Incontinence Briefs, MD-2XL Sizes, 80/case


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FitRight is the #1 brand in long-term care facilities. Discreet briefs with anti-leak guards, odor control, and moisture-wicking feel comfortable and natural. View full description


Medline FitRight Plus Incontinence Briefs, 80/case

The FitRight Plus Incontinence Briefs are a premium hospital-quality, adult disposable brief that feel like regular undergarments while providing maximum protection and comfort. Unlike other incontinence underwear, these briefs don't crinkle like plastic and can be repeated repositioned for a snug fit. Ideal for individuals with moderate to heavy incontinence, as well as for caregivers who need a reliable and convenient solution for managing incontinence.

  • Discreet and Natural feel - Soft cloth-like outer cover feels soft to the touch and doesn't crinkle like plastic; flexible, breathable stretch panels let air flow for greater comfort
  • Custom Adjustable fit - Multiple tabs with skin-safe closures can be repeatedly repositioned and refastened for a snug fit
  • Anti-leak - Soft and flexible anti-leak guards and wetness indicator that changes color to let you know when to change brief.
  • Heavy absorbency and dryness - Superabsorbent 4D Core wicks away fluid for long-lasting dryness and odor protection
  • Sizes - Choose from Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes:
    • Medium: For waist size 32"-44"
    • Large: For waist size 44"-56"
    • Extra-Large: For waist size 56"-64"
    • 2XL: For waist size 60"-70"
  • Packaging - 20 per bag, 4 bags per case = 80 disposable briefs.

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