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Puritan Jumbo Tip Cotton Swab, 8 in.

Puritan Medical Products

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Oversized, hard-to-find giant cotton swabs. Extra-Absorbent. These medical-grade grade swabs are precision manufactured with soft, non-abrasive pharmaceutical grade cotton. View full description


Puritan 8" Jumbo Tip Cotton Swab, Paper Shaft

Pharma Grade Cotton Suitable for OB/GYN Exams

  • Ideal for gathering specimens during OB/GYN preparation/examinations, Proctoscopy exams, Laboratory cell research.
  • Soft & Extra absorbent jumbo cotton swab for cell collection or cleaning large areas.
  • Non-sterile oversized applicator with cotton tip and paper shaft.
  • Tip Size: Jumbo 28.575mm (1.125") length, 12.7mm (0.5") diameter.
  • Overall Length: 207.975mm (8.188"), Paper shaft.
  • Packaged: 50 Cotton OB/GYN swabs per box. 10 boxes per case = 500 swabs.
  • Puritan OB/GYN Swab # 808 COTTON
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Made in USA

Puritan Jumbo Tip Cotton Swab, 808-Cotton

Oversized, hard-to-find giant cotton swabs. Extra-Absorbent. These medical-grade grade swabs are precision manufactured with soft, non-abrasive pharmaceutical grade cotton. The jumbo extra-large tip measures half an inch in diameter, almost as wide as a penny. This jumbo tip cotton swab’s long paper handle gives you ample reach. Large cotton swab applicators are ideal for your specimen sampling or exams, and general cleaning of large surfaces.

Suitable for gathering some specimens but non-sterile. Use for applications such as: mouth/throat swab, OB/GYN preparation/examinations, and Proctoscopy. Large cotton tip applicators can be used for cell collection and as a standard mouth. These applicators have extra-absorbent jumbo tip for cleaning large areas. They wont easily fall apart when you use them, like some substandard alternatives. Applicator tips are firmly and tightly wound. 

Applications for Giant Swabs:

  • OB/GYN preparation and examinations
  • Gynecological cleaning
  • Laboratory cell research
  • Veterinary cell collection


Q. Is the swab shaft flexible?
A. The layered rolled paper shaft of this swab will bend about 45 degrees before tearing.

Q. What kind of swab shaft do I need?
A.  A wooden shaft can snap under pressure. Poly shafts will give you either solid or springy resistance depending on the handle. Paper shafts give a moderately rigid with some give.

Q. Can I use this swab to apply medication?
A. Yes, 808 Cotton swab won’t fall apart when applying medicine, solutions, or sample collecting. The cotton is medical-grade quality, though these swabs are non-sterile. If you require sterile, checked out our sterile cotton swabs section.

Q. Where are the swabs made?
A. Puritan 808 Cotton Swabs are made in the USA with pharmaceutical grade cotton that is carded on-site to maintain quality.

Q. What are common uses for Giant Cotton Swabs?
A. Applications in medical, critical environments, and health and beauty industries. Use for exam and sampling preparation and clean large surfaces.

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Extra Information

Puritan Medical Products
Country of Origin:
Medical / Critical Environment / Health & Beauty
Overall Length:
8 in.
Exact Length:
207.975 mm (8.188 in.)
Tip Length:
28.575 mm (1.125 in.)
Tip Width:
12.7 mm (.5 in.)
Tip Diameter:
12.7 mm (.5 in.)
Tip Material:
Shaft Material:
Handle Length:
179.4 mm (7.062 in.)
Handle Diameter:
3.962 mm (0.156 in.)
Transport Tube:
Box Item Count:
50 swabs
Case Item Count:
10 boxes of 50 swabs
Tip Diameter:
0.5 in. (12.7 mm)