Waterproof Plastic Bibs with Crumb Catcher & Ties, 500/case


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Waterproof Adult Bibs

Reduces Messes!

  • Waterproof Plastic Bibs accommodate diverse patient needs.
  • Help to reduce messes and save time.
  • Tie style goes on fast and easy.
  • Crumb Catcher style, keeps laps clean.
  • White Color Plastic Water Proof Bibs
  • Size 16" x 24".

Waterproof Plastic Bibs with Crumb Catcher & Ties

If you are looking for a waterproof protective cover for your healthcare facility, you should choose the disposable crumb catcher adult bib. The apparel is made using a plastic material which makes it a convenient choice for preventing food and fluid messes on the clothes.

This product is more favorable over alternatives due to its crumb catcher design. It will keep the lap free of troublesome food particles. In addition, the disposable adult bibs have a tie design which secures the apparel easily and quickly.

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