Waterproof Plastic Disposable Bibs for Adults, Tie-style, 500/case


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Waterproof Plastic Disposable Bibs for Adults, Tie-style

Reduces Messes!

  • Waterproof Plastic Bibs for Adults accommodate diverse patient needs.
  • Slip on style goes on fast and easy.
  • Style: Plain front. Convenient ties.
  • White Color Plastic Water Proof Bibs.
  • Size 15" x 21".
  • Help to reduce messes and save time.

Waterproof Plastic Disposable Bibs w/Ties

The waterproof plastic disposable adult bibs are versatile and can accommodate diverse patient needs in hospitals or care facilities. This disposable apparel is created using a plastic material. Therefore, it will provide a reliable protective layer which can resist liquids, solids and general fluids.

The waterproof adult bibs have a simple slip-on design. This style makes them convenient for quick and easy donning. Moreover, there are expedient ties intended to keep the bib in place, guaranteeing maximum protection against accidental messes.

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