Dynarex Disposable Bibs with Ties, White, 300/case

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Disposable Adult Bibs with Ties

Reduces mess and saves time

  • Disposable Adult Bibs with Ties accommodate diverse patient needs.
  • Durable 1-ply tissue/poly material provide economic protection.
  • Help to reduce messes and save time.
  • Size: 16" x 33".
  • 300 Disposable bibs per case.

Disposable Bibs w/Ties White

Saves stains from clothing. The tie disposable adult bibs are perfect for accommodating the special needs among patients in hospitals and general healthcare facilities. These products are manufactured using a tissue-poly material which is comfortable but resilient in messy applications.

The disposable bibs come with simple ties attached in the design. Therefore, the protective apparel will remain in place, providing complete protection. These adult bibs are perfect for home care and medical where you’re constantly cleaning up clothes due to food and drink accidents.

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