Waffletechnology EMV/Chip & Pin Cleaning Card, 10/pack

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S|M|A|R|T Card Reader Cleaning Cards, 10/pack

Unique Waffletechnology Cleans better than traditional flat cards.

  • New, improved design cleans your smart card reader deeper and more effectively than flat cleaning cards.
    • Flexible, raised "waffle" platforms conform to and increase pressure on critical surface areas (including chip reader pins).
    • Longer card length and thicker material allows for a firm grip in rigorous, active cleaning.
    • Moves in and out easily, and reaches deeper into recessed device interior to fully engage and clean chip reader pins.
  • Pre-saturated with solution that dissolves dirt, contaminants, and magnetic oxides and more from your Chip & Pin, EMV and Mag Stripe Card Readers.
  • Eliminate misreads with regular maintenance to save time, improve transaction completion rates, and prevent susceptibility to fraudulent transactions.
  • 10 individually-packaged KICTeam Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards per poly bag.
  • KICTeam Part# KW3-EMVB.

Waffletechnology EMV/Chip & Pin Cleaning Card, 10/pack

Do you wish to eliminate misreads with your smartcard and instead improve your transaction completion time and eliminate chances of fraud? Then the waffletechnology EMV/chip & pin cleaning card is your best card cleaner.It is pre-saturated with a solution that helps dissolve dirt and contaminants from your chip reader. It’s made of an improved design that helps clean your smart card reader deeper and efficiently than a flat card would. It effectively grips the card during the rigorous cleaning and also moves in and out easily to allow maximum cleaning of the chip reader pins.

The S|M|A|R|T Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® is the best choice for cleaning your credit card readers. The uniquely designed “waffle” design conforms to critical EMV surface areas while also reaching more of the device interior. This single use disposable Smart card cleaner, is effective for swipe, friction heads and landings in card reader devices. It is recommended that you clean your card reader once a week, however you may need to clean more frequently if food particles, grease and grime are in the vicinity of your reader. Keeping your card reader clean will result in less card rejections and reader errors. Studies show that most card reader failures can be prevented by using a cleaning card.

Kic Team# KW3-EMP10

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