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Card Reader Cleaning Cards, 99.7% IPA, 50/box

KIC Team

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Designed to clean performance-critical surfaces inside dip/swipe card reader devices, our Cleaning Card for Card Readers delivers superior cleaning results shown to reduce failed transactions rates, expensive service calls and unnecessary device... View full description


Credit Card Reader Machine Cleaning Card with 99.7% IPA, 50/box

Our Cleaning Cards for Card Readers are designed to clean performance-critical surfaces inside dip/swipe card reader devices. The cards deliver superior cleaning results shown to reduce failed transactions rates, expensive service calls, and unnecessary device downtime. The cleaning card is constructed of premium material that releases cleaning solution on contact and simultaneously captures and removes contaminants.

  • 99.7% Ultra-Pure Electronic Isopropyl Alcohol – formulated to dissolve and lift away dirt, residue, grime, adhesive, and other contaminants from internal electronic surfaces with quick-drying properties.
  • Premium Material – Allows cleaning cards to quickly release solution while simultaneously encapsulating loosened dirt, debris, and other contaminants for successful removal.
  • Quick & Easy Preventative Maintenance – Perform consistent and proper cleanings in seconds without having to dismantle the device or disrupt daily business.
  • VOC & GHS Compliant – Suitable for use on electronic equipment and compliant with local and state regulations.
  • Individual, Single-Use Packaging – Guarantees consistent quality, 100% solution retention, and simple transport/storage for convenient access when needed.


Card Reader Cleaning Cards CR80, 50/box, Kic Team #K2-H80B50

If you are looking for an easy way to maintain your credit card reader clean, then the Card Reader Cleaning Cards CR80 suits you best. It is easy to use since all you need to do is swipe like you do your card. The cards are double sided, a feature that allow them to clean your card reader with only one swipe. They are effective in removing lotions, magnetic oxides, dirt, and any other contaminants on your readers.

Clean your card reader regularly to improve its efficiency and avoid misreads.

Just a swipe with the credit card cleaner and you'll remove dirt, magnetic oxides, lotions and other contaminants from the concealed magnetic and optic sensors. These cleaning cards work with a variety of machines, including, credit and debit card machines, POS terminals, ATM machines, vending machines, slot machines, hotel door locks and more. Regular maintenance will save you time and the costs of service calls when your credit card machine is failing. Studies show that with proper maintenance you can reduce service calls by up to 78%. Your order from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies ships the same day, so you'll get your order quickly.

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