Waffletechnology Cash Acceptor Cleaning Cards, 15/box

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Cash Acceptor Cleaning Cards, 15/box

Unique Waffletechnology Cleans better than traditional flat cards.

  • Flexible, raised platforms on the card increase the pressure applied during transport, resulting in a deeper clean than flat cards.
  • Gets to recessed areas that flat cards cannot get to for a thorough cleaning of your cash acceptor.
  • Universally accepted in bill and cash acceptor machines.
  • Cleans the entire surface of the recessed lenses, the bill pathways, belts and rollers.
  • Use each time you empty machine or at least twice per month.
  • 15 KicTeam Cash Acceptor Cleaning Cards per box.
  • KicTeam Part# KW3-BCWB15M.

WaffleTechnology Cash Acceptor Cleaning Cards, 15/box

With all the dirt that bills have, your cash acceptor is bound to get dirty often. Luckily, you can use the WacfleTechnology Cash Acceptor cleaning card to your cash acceptor. These cards cleaners are thorough since they access the deepest parts of the machine. It also cleans the optical sensors, removing any dirt that might have accumulated.

The cards are easy to use since you insert a card as you would insert cash and it moves through the bill path, cleaning all critical parts before being ejected from the acceptor.

The cash acceptor waffletechnology cleaning card is designed to clean the deepest recesses of you bill acceptor. It cleans the optical sensors that read the currency being inserted. At the same time the card "picks up" any debris that has accumulated. The cash acceptor cleaning card is inserted just as you would currency, moving through the bill path while cleaning critical areas before it ejects from the validator. This is the ideal cleaning card for change machines, pay at the pump machines, slot machines and vending machines. Ideally, your cash acceptor machine mechanism should be cleaned at least twice a month. You'll see the results immediately, with less bill rejections and machine downtime.
Kic Team# KW3-BCWB15M

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