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Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Card, 15/box

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  • KIC Team KWPNI-CS2B15WS Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Card, 15/box
  • KIC Team KWPNI-CS2B15WS Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Card, 15/box
  • KIC Team KWPNI-CS2B15WS Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Card, 15/box



Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Card, 15/box

Unique Waffletechnology Cleans better than traditional flat cards.

  • Flexible, raised platforms on the card increase the pressure applied during transport, resulting in a deeper clean than flat cards. Gets to recessed areas that flat cards cannot get to. Thoroughly cleans your Panini Check Scanner.
  • Cleans and maintains Panini Vision X, My Vision X and I:Deal check scanners
  • Cleans as it transports through the paper path cleaning the magnetic heads, sensor glass and transport rollers.
  • 15 KicTeam Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Cards per Box.
  • KicTeam Part# KWPNI-CS2B15WS.


Panini Check Scanner Cleaning Card 15/Box

Check scanners get dirty over time as dirt and dust from checks gets trapped in the document rollers and track resulting in inaccuracies and failed readings. The good news is you can keep your scanner in top condition with the Panini check scanner cleaning cards.

These cards incorporate waffletechnology and are for Panini Vision X, MY Vision X, and I:Deal scanners. Engineered to Panini specifications, they will clean sensitive heads, check pathways, and transporter belts and rollers removing ink residue, paper flash, and other debris.

Use these cards to prevent expensive maintenance costs.

This Waffletechnology® cleaning card was specifically developed to clean Panini VisionX™, My VisionX® and I:Deal™ Check Scanners. This cleaning card was engineered to Panini specifications, to clean the sensitive magnetic heads, lenses and transport rollers within the scanner as it transports through the check scanner's paper path. The Panini cleaning card quickly removes dust and debris which can cloud the optical lens and cause bad scans. This cleaning card is endorsed by Panini as the best method of maintaining the cleanliness of the interior workings of the Panini Check Scanner. Use this product once per week or after 2,000 checks scanned

Kic Team# KWPNI-CS2B15WS

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