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Canon Check Transport Cleaning Card, 15/box

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Our Waffletechnology® for Canon Check Transport Check Scanners delivers superior cleaning results shown to improve scanned image quality and reading accuracy, while significantly reducing misfeeds and frustrating manual data entries. View full description


Canon Check Transport Scanner Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards, 15/box

Our Waffletechnology for Canon Check Transport Scanners cleans performance-critical surfaces, such as recessed optical sensors, inside Canon Check Scanner devices. The cleaning cards improve scanned image quality and reading accuracy and also significantly reduce misfeeds and frustrating manual data entries. This specialty cleaning card outperforms ordinary flat cards by using a proprietary cleaning formula and patented spring-loaded waffles. Waffletechnology® is approved and recommended by Canon as the preventative cleaning solution to increase transaction efficiencies and maintain reliable device performance.

  • Featuring Waffletechnology® – patented spring-loaded waffles effectively reach and clean target areas including recessed read sensors that ordinary flat cards simply can’t.
  • WonderSolventTM Cleaning Formula – Specifically formulated to break down and safely remove dirt, grime, ink, paper particles, and other contaminants from performance-critical surfaces inside high-speed check scanner devices.
  • OEM Approved – Meets specific cleaning criteria by the OEM and recommended as the preferred cleaning card for effective, routine preventative cleaning. Cleans Canon CR-25, CR-55 and CR-180, CR-190i, CR-135i, and more.
  • Individual, Single-use Packaging – Guarantees consistent quality, 100% solution retention, and simple transport/storage for convenient access when needed.


Canon CR-25, CR-55, CR-180 Check Transport Cleaning Card 15/Box

Optics are the most crucial part of a scanner, but they get clouded by pollutants and dirt compromising their performance. However, with the Canon CR-25, CR-55, CR-180 check transport cleaning cards, you can ensure your scanners are ever in top condition.

The Canon cleaning cards incorporate waffletechnology and are the only cards that can maintain the Canon’s imageFORMULA check scanner family. The cards are 4.25” wide and 7.25” long and clean as they move through the paper path, resulting in the life extension of Canon products.

Clean your Canon Check Transport every 2000 scans or at least 3 to 4 times month. This Waffletechnology® cleaning card is specifically designed to maintain & clean Canon check transport models. When used as a consistent maintenance product, this Check Transport Cleaning card will keep your Canon Check Scanner performing as designed. This check transport cleaning card is endorsed by Canon as the only product to use on all the Canon check scanner models. Use this product once per week or after 2,000 checks scanned. Dust, ink and debris can cloud the optical lens of your Canon causing bad scans.


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Canon CR-25, CR-55 and CR-180 Check Transport Cleaning Card, 15/Box

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