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Read Right CardKleen Cleaning Card, 25/box

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  •  RR/CT1222 Read Right CardKleen Cleaning Card, 25/box
  •  RR/CT1222 Read Right CardKleen Cleaning Card, 25/box
  •  RR/CT1222 Read Right CardKleen Cleaning Card, 25/box
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ReadRight CardKleen Card Reader Cleaner, 25/box

Clean your card reader with just a swipe!

  • End Customer Frustration. With just a swipe of the card, your POS read head will be clean.
  • Cards are individually wrapped to stay fresh.
  • Works with all magnetic strip readers.
  • Card Size: 2 1/8" x 3 3/8".
  • 25 Read Right CardKleen Cleaning cards per box.
  • ReadRight Part# RR1222.

Read right the first time! Clean your card readers with these cleaning cards and reduce misreads and hold-ups.

There is nothing that can frustrate you and your customers than a magnetic card reader that keeps on misreading. With the Read Right CardKleen Cleaning Card, you don’t have to experience this kind of frustration. It is easy to use and each card is individually pre-saturated to enhance the cleaning process. All you need is to insert your card reader just like you do a regular credit card and the CardKleen will remove all contaminants accumulating on the magnetic reader. Regularly cleaning your card reader optimizes it performance.

Cleaning your magnetic card reader on a regular basis will prevent misreads and unhappy customers. The ReadRight CardKleen is simple to use, just insert into your card reader 5 to 6 like you would a regular credit card. The CardKleen safely and effectively removes contaminants that accumulate on the magnetic reader. Each card is individually packaged and presaturated for quick and easy cleaning. Optimizing the performance of your magnetic strip reader ensures your reader is working properly.

Read Right# RR1222

Made in USAMade in USA

ReadRight CardKleen RR1222 SDS

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