TekniClean Light Weight Polyester Knit Cleanroom Wipe, 9" and 12" sizes


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TekniPure TekniClean Light Weight Polyester Knit Cleanroom Wipe with Laser Sealed Edges, ISO Class 4

Ideal for wiping critical surfaces and equipment!

  • Light weight 100% High Strength Polyester fiber (continuous filament, double knit, 120 g/m2) resulting in ultra low particle and fiber generation.
  • Soft texture will not scratch sensitive surfaces. Resist abrasion from rough surfaces. Highly sorbent wipe works well with IPA and other cleaning solvents.
  • Ideal for wiping critical surfaces to achieve ultra cleanliness. Great for environmental & process surface cleaning.
  • Laser Sealed Edge on all sides to minimize fiber release. Laser Sealed Edges provide effective contamination control in critical environments and offer the best value.
  • Solvent safe double bag cleanroom packaging. Compatible with ISO Class 4-5 (Class 10-100) environments. Autoclavable for aseptic environments.
  • Produced in ISO 9001 environment. Statistical Process Control (13 measurement points) is utilized to insure wipe quality. ISO Class 5 laundered and packaged.
  • Size and packaging:
    • 9" x 9". Packaged: 150 wipes per double bag, 10 bags per case = 1500 polyester cleanroom wipes.
    • 12" x 12". Packaged: 100 wipes per double bag, 10 bags per case = 1000 polyester cleanroom wipes.

Teknipure Wipe Cross-Reference Guide

Teknipure TC2PL2 Laser Sealed Edge Polyester Wipe Data Sheet

Extra Information

Wipe Size:
9" x 9"
Wipe Size:
12" x 12"
Edge Seal:
ISO 4+ (Class 10+)
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