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Pacific Handy Cutter Auto-Retract Metti MD Safety Cutter Utility Knife, Metal Detectable, ea

Pacific Handy Cutter

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Auto-Retract Mettiâ„¢ MD Safety Knife is a metal detectable, slim, and highly durable safety knife with automatic blade retraction, equipped with 2 locked cutting depth options for added safety and controlled cutting in medical lab or food processing View full description


Pacific Handy Cutter Auto-Retract Metti Safety Cutter, Metal detectable

Meet the Metti™ , a slim, highly durable and versatile metal detectable safety knife featuring automatic blade retraction and a stainless steel blade for use in highly sensitive, food processing and medical lab environments. The 2 locked cutting depths feature 19mm and 5mm options for controlled, safe cutting and to help prevent damage when opening boxes. The automatic blade retraction provides added safety by automatically withdrawing the blade once the blade activation slider is released to protect the user from accidental blade exposure and laceration injuries. The Metti™ delivers safety, durability and versatile cutting performance.

  • Metal detectable safety knife is ideal for highly sensitive, food processing, and medical lab environments.
  • Rust-resistant durable stainless steel blade for long-lasting use.
  • Ambidextrous, slim, and elegant, heavy-duty metal handle with textured and ergonomic slider for smooth and consistent blade activation.
  • 2 locked cutting depth options of 0.75"/ 19mm and 0.2"/ 5mm for controlled, safe cutting and to help prevent merchandise damage when opening boxes.
  • Integrated Safety Lock prevents accidental blade exposure when not in use.
  • Automatic blade retraction for added safety.
  • Lanyard ready.
  • Pre-loaded with one B11118-9 replaceable Industrial Utility Blade Pointed Tip Stainless Steel. Easy 2-step, tool-free blade change.

Extra Information

Pacific Handy Cutter
5.87 x 1.26 x 0.59 in
Blade Type:
Stainless Steel
Auto-retracting Blade
Metal Detectable