Large Disposable Slip-On Adult Bibs, White, 150/case

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Large Disposable Slip-On Adult Bibs

Reduces mess and saves time

Unlike other similar bibs, this one is wider, longer, and better protects the clothing of the user.

  • Disposable Slip-On Adult Bibs accommodate diverse patient needs.
  • Slip on Style goes on fast and easy.
  • Material is paper tissue with a poly coating on one side to help protect from fluids leaking through.
  • Bibs help to reduce messes and save time.
  • Size: 19" x 35".
  • 150 disposable bibs per case.

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Large Disposable Slip-On Adult Bibs, White

The white large disposable slip-on adult bibs are designed and made using a blend of paper tissue and poly. The fabric is primarily paper tissue which is light and comfortable for use. This paper is coated using a poly film to prevent the penetration of fluids.

These adult bibs are ideal for your healthcare institution because they will manage messes. The apparel will minimize food and drink stains on clothes. Therefore, you will not need to invest time and money into constant cleanup of messy clothes.

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