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Medline Micro-Kill Foaming Disinfectant Cleaner, 17 oz., 12/case


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Medline Foaming Aerosol Quat-Based Disinfectant Cleaner cleans hard, nonporous, washable surfaces without scurbbing or rinsing required. View full description


Medline Micro-Kill Foaming Aerosol Quat-Based Disinfectant, 17 oz., 12 EA/CS

Foaming disinfectant cleaner spray cleans, polishes, and deodorizes without scrubbing or rinsing required. Quat-based formula is alcohol-free. Use on all hard, nonporous washable household surfaces such as bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowl seats, etc. Do not use on glass.

  • Germicidal disinfectant cleaner that kills Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter jejuni and Salmonella schottmuelleri. Viruses: Influenza A (A2 Japan); ATCC VR-100, Influenza B (Hong Kong); ATCC VR-823, Herpes Simplex Type 1 and Herpes Simplex Type 2 and Respiratory Syncytial virus. Fungi: Trichophyton mentagrophytes (athlete's foot)
    • This product has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to Monkeypox virus on hard, nonporous surfaces and therefore can be used against Monkeypox virus when used in accordance with the directions for use against Rhinovirus type 39 on hard, nonporous surfaces. Refer to the CDC website for additional information.
  • Cleans and deodorizes hard, nonporous, washable surfaces such as bathtubs, sinks, toilet seats, and exterior bowl surfaces, shower stalls, plastic and ceramic tile, chrome, stainless steel, plastic countertops, painted walls and woodwork, vinyl, and leather
  • No scrubbing, no rinsing, nonabrasive
  • Not for use on glass cleaner.
  • Packaged 12 spray cans per case.

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