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Medigrip Latex Elastic Tubular Support Bandage, Multiple Sizes, 36" rolls, 30 rolls/case


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MEDIGRIP elastic latex tubular bandage provides support for joints, or mild compression when applied as a double layer and can help secure dressings. View full description
$74.99 - $89.99


Medigrip Latex Elastic Tubular Support Bandage, 36" (1 yd.) roll, 30 rolls/case

Medline Medigrip reusable compression bandage is designed to secure dressings, provide support for joints, and, when applied as a double layer, deliver mild compression.

  • Great for use as a retention dressing, compression bandage, and helping to treat edema, chronic venous insufficiency, dislocations, and sprains.
  • Elastic material is easy to apply and reapply to create custom compression 
  • Contains natural rubber latex.
  • Sizes: 36" (1 yard) length rolls in following sizes:
    • Size E - 3.5" (7.5 cm) - For Large Ankles, Medium Knees, and Small Thighs.
    • Size F - 4" (10 cm) - For Large Knees and Medium Thighs.
    • Size G - 4.75" (12 cm) - Large Thighs.
    • Additional sizing for hands and arms available in 11 yard (396 inches) rolls.

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