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Rectangular Tip Knitted Polyester Cleanroom Swab, Polypropylene Shaft, 50/pack

Harmony Lab

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Harmony Lab Rectangular Tip Knitted Polyester Cleanroom Swab

Non-abrasive & Durable Cleaning Swab: This Harmony Brand Cleanroom Swabs feature a double-layer knitted polyester tip that is absorbent, non-abrasive, abrasion-resistant, and compatible with most common solvents. These swabs offer durability and versatility for cleaning a range of sensitive equipment, tough cleaning jobs, critical environment cleaning, and general-purpose cleaning.

  • Rigid Knitted Polyester Tip - 100% knitted polyester tip swab is non-abrasive and possesses excellent durability, rigidity, and chemical compatibility. Double-layer for extra absorbency. Ideal for precision cleaning applications requiring high cleanliness, high strength, and strong solvents. Rectangular shape reaches slots, small spaces, and hard-to-reach areas for applying solvents.
  • High Strength - Robust and chemically-resistant knitted polyester is ideal for applications requiring strong solvents or aggressive scrubbing on abrasive surfaces. Resists snagging, abrading, and a variety of solvents used in precision cleaning. 
  • Cleanroom safe - Thermally-bonded knitted polyester tip and polypropylene handle prevents adhesive contamination. Low particulate and ionic content, low non-volatile residue, and free from silicone, amide, and DOP.
  • Multi-Purpose - Clean tight spaces, sensitive components, delicate instruments, and rough surfaces without worry. Compatible with most common solvents and solutions.
  • Tip Size - 13.0 mm (.512") width, 25.0 mm (.984") length, 4.0 mm (.157") thick.
  • Overall Length - 128.0 mm (5.03"), blue solid polypropylene handle.
  • Packaging - 50 swabs per pack. 10 packs per case = 500 knitted polyester cleanroom swabs. Swabs are laundered and packed in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom.
  • Cross Reference
    • Texwipe: TX714A
    • Teknipure: TS-P-5 (TSP5)
    • Puritan Medical Products: 3655

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