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Rectangular Foam Cleanroom Swab, Polypropylene Shaft, 50/pack

Harmony Lab

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$11.99 - $119.90


Harmony Lab Rectangular Foam Cleanroom Swab

Cleanroom Safe, Versatile, & Highly Functional: Clean sensitive components and tight spaces with ease, thanks to the foam tip of these swabs. Suitable for general purpose cleaning and designed for micro-mechanical cleaning of cameras, disk drives, video game cartridges, and more, they are laundered and packed in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom to ensure the utmost cleanliness.

  • Rigid Foam Tip - Closed-cell (non-reticulated) polyurethane foam tip swab possesses excellent durability, rigidity, and cushioning, ideal for scrubbing applications, removing excess materials, and general cleaning. Designed for removing contamination, especially on printers, optoelectronic sensors, and optical equipment.
  • Solvent compatible -  Absorbent foam tip is compatible with most common solvents and has excellent solvent-holding capacity. Ideal for removing flux residue, contaminants, and excess materials.
  • Cleanroom safe - Thermally-bonded foam tip and polypropylene handle have low particulate and ionic content, low non-volatile residue, and are free from silicone, amide, and DOP.
  • Highly Functional - Suitable for cleaning printers, optical equipment like camera sensors and lenses, video game cartridges, and sensitive components. The large foam tip holds enough solvents to make cleaning tight spaces easier.
  • Tip Size - 10.5 mm (.413") width, 25.0 mm (.984") length, 8.4 mm (.331") thick.
  • Overall Length - 128.2 mm (5.047"), blue solid polypropylene handle.
  • Packaged 50 swabs per pack. Ten packs per box = 500 foam-tipped cleanroom swabs. Swabs are laundered and packed in an ISO Class 5 cleanroom.
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