Extrasorb Disposable Drypad, Extra Strong, 30 x 36 in., 70/case

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Extrasorbs Extra Strong Disposable Drypads

Maximum Comfort through Maximum Absorbency and Strength

  • Extra strong and extra absorbent multi-use drypads provide superior skin dryness, skincare, and patient comfort.
  • Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) core wicks skin moisture away and locks in wetness and odor.
  • High-strength backsheet is approved for lifting and transferring up to 350 pounds, eliminating the need for a separate drawsheet.
  • Drypad resists tearing, separation, bunching or adhering to skin, reducing friction and patient discomfort. Saves on linen changes and laundry too.
  • Air-permeable backsheet enhances skin dryness and comfort and is compatible with low air loss therapy/mattresses.
  • Size: 30" x 36"
  • Packaged 14 underpads per bag, 5 bags per case = 70 underpads.

Extrasorbs Extra Strong Disposable Drypads

If you are looking to acquire underpads for patients with chronic or repeated moisture management problems, you should choose extra strong disposable drypads. These multi-use products are designed to provide superior absorbency for optimal dryness and comfort.
The core of super absorbent polymer is efficient in wicking moisture from the skin and locking in fluid and odor. In addition, the drypads have a high-strength back sheet which can be used to lift and move up to 350 pounds.
The air-permeable design enhances skin dryness, and the underpads can be used in air loss therapy.
Ideal for: Open-airing incontinence management, ICU/CCU patients who should not be disrupted/moved more than necessary, ER for absorbing significant/ongoing fluid loss, labor and delivery, OR use, low air loss therapy, and any other area where skin dryness is needed.
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