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Chemtronics Ultrajet 70 Duster, 10 oz. can/each


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Chemtronics Ultrajet 70 Air Duster

Disposable, ozone-safe air duster!

  • 100% ultra-pure HFC-134a, filtered to 0.2 microns and free of oil and moisture. Leaves no residue.
  • Powerful jet action provides a bigger blast than competitors to instantly remove particles from the most inaccessible areas.
  • General purpose duster designed for applications requiring safe, ultra-pure cleaning.
    • Nonflammable - safe for use on energized equipment and live circuits.
    • Zero VOC - safe for the ozone. RoHS/WEEE compliant
    • Plastic safe.
    • Ideal for cleaning particles and debris from contacts, relays, precision optics, and electronic applications.
  • High powered cleaning strength removes layers of dry particulate to allow solvents to work immediately. Accelerates surface drying of slow evaporating cleaners too.
  • Trigger operated valve delivers fingertip control.

Made in USA Made in USA

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Chemtronics MPN#ES1015

Suggested applications:

  • Removal of dust, lint, and oxide particles from electronic equipment, optical surfaces, and precision instruments
  • Removal of dust buildup on PC boards
  • Speed drying of wet surfaces

Chemtronics Ultrajet Data Sheet
Chemtronics Ultrajet MSDS Sheet

Extra Information

Ozone Safe: