CleanTex MicroDuster III Refill 10 oz. can

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CleanTex MicroDuster III Air Duster Refill

Easy Refills for CleanTex ozone-safe duster with reusable valve

  • Save money with air duster refills that fit our valve assembly.
  • Remove dust, particles and more from electronic equipment, keyboards, optical surfaces, precision instruments and more. 
  • Pressure of 71 psi at room temperature. Precision filtered to less than .2 microns.
  • 100% ozone safe. Contains HFCs, non-flammable tetraflioroethane.
  • Pure air - no bitterant added
  • 1 - 10 oz. air duster can refill per box. Also available in cases of 6 or 12 CleanTex air dusters to a box.
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Cleantex MicroDuster III Air Duster Refill, CT2513

Convenient refills for ozone-safe compressed gas duster. Easily transfer your reusable valve and nozzle assembly to a new refill can. Effectively remove dust, lint, and iron oxide particles from electronic equipment, optical surfaces, and precision instruments. Canned air contains no HFCs; 100% o-zone safe and precision filtered to <0.2 microns.

Suggested applications:

  • Removal of dust, lint, and oxide particles from electronic equipment, optical surfaces, and precision instruments
  • Removal of dust buildup on PC boards
  • Speed drying of wet surfaces

CleanTex Micro Duster Air Duster MSDS Sheet

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