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Chemtronics 91% Alcohol Wipes, 200/case


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Chemtronics Chempad 91% IPA Cleaning Wipes, 3" x 4"

General purpose Lint Free Alcohol Wipe!

  • Fast and Easy. Highly absorbent heavy duty wipes excel as plastic-safe general purpose cleaning wipes.
    • Ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces, fiber optics, electronics components and equipment; computer, office, and laboratory equipment.
  • Super saturated with an ultra pure blend of 91%IPA / 9% deionized water.
    • Mild cleaning solution is plastic safe and ozone safe (CFC/HCFC free).
    • Solution evaporates completely and leaves no residue.
    • Quickly cleans dirt, oxides, and oil from optical and magnetic tape heads.
    • Removes ink and permanent marker with ease.
    • Hermetically sealed to prevent evaporation and maintain solvent effectiveness - great for field service kits.
  • Won't Scratch. Non-abrasive wipe won't scratch your surface.
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant.
  • Lint free 3" x 4" felt wipe.
  • Packaged 50 Chempad single pack presaturated wipes per box, 4 boxes per case = 200 wipes .
  • Chemtronics Part# CP400.


Chemtronics 91% Alcohol Wipes, 50/box

Chemtronics 91% Alcohol Wipes are presaturated with 91% alcohol and 9% deionized water. They are highly absorbent and heavy duty, qualities that make them suitable for general purpose use. These wipes are ideal for removing oxides, dirt, and oil accumulation on magnetic and optical tape heads. You can also use them on other sensitive components such as computer and lab equipment. These wipes are effective in removing ink and marker stains.

Chemtronics Chempad™ Presaturated Alcohol Wipes are general purpose, lint-free pre-wetted cleaning wipes. Excellent for general purpose cleaning of computers, office, and laboratory equipment. Highly effective alcohol cleaning wipes ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces, fiber optic connectors, electronics components, touch keypads, keyboards, instrument housings, magnetic tape heads and more. Chempad™ wipes quickly and safely removes handling soils, dirt and oxides from assemblies and other electronic equipment. Chempad™ can also be used to remove ink and permanent marker ink. Chemtronics Chempad™ Presaturated Alcohol Wipes contain a solution of 91% ultra-pure isopropyl alcohol and 9% deionized water. The formulation is designed to dry quickly and leave no residue.

  • Contains ultra pure blend of 91% IPA/9%deionized water
  • Thick, non-abrasive, wiping pad
  • Solvent evaporates completely, leaving no residue
  • Nonabrasive, safe on plastics
  • Ideal cleaning wipe for field service of computers, office equipment and electronics
  • Cleans dirt, oxides, and oil from optical and magnetic tape heads
  • 2 Year Shelf Life

Suggested applications

  • Clean sensitive surfaces, computers, office equipment, fiber optic connectors and instruments, electrical equipment
  • Safely remove dirt, oxides, and oil from magnetic and optical heads, PCB's, mechanical and electrical assemblies.
  • Clean and degrease keyboards, touch pads, cables, cabinets and housings.
  • Remove ink and permanent marker.
  • Sealed to prevent evaporation - great for field service kits.
  • Chempad Wipe dimension - 3" x 4".

Chemtronics Chempad Cleaning Wipes Technical Sheet
Chemtronics Chempad Cleaning Wipes MSDS

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3" x 4"
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