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TekniZorb Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe

Harmony Price: $13.99
  • Get TekniZorb Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe TZ1PCS1 at Harmony
  • TekniZorb Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe | Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies
  • TekniZorb Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe | Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies
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Harmony Price: $13.99
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TekniZorb Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe

More absorbency than other cleanroom wipers!

  • The hydroentangled blend of 55% polyester and 45% cellulose creates a strong, clean and highly absorbent cleanroom wipe.
  • Low particle and fiber generation. Soft texture will not scratch sensitive surfaces.
  • Ideal for spill pickup in controlled environments. Handles IPA and other cleaning solvents. Maintains high strength when wet.
  • Compatible with ISO Class 6+ (Class 1000) environments. Class 100 packaged. Autoclavable for aseptic environments.
  • Produced in ISO 9001 environment. Statistical Process Control (13 measurement points) is utilized to insure wipe quality.
  • Choose from five sizes, available by the bag and the case of 10 bags.
    • 4" x 4", packaged 1200/bag.
    • 7" x 7", packaged 300 wipes per bag.
    • 9" x 9", packaged 300 wipes per bag.
    • 12" x 12", packaged 150 wipes per bag.
    • 18" x 18", packaged 75 wipes per bag.
  • View the Data Sheet with Purity Specifications
  • View the Teknipure Cross Reference Guide
Spills Happen even in Cleanrooms. You need strong, clean, and highly absorbent wipers for the task. What does hydroentangled even mean? Durability. High-pressure jets of water weave the wipe fibers together for maximum fabric integrity. These wipes have low particle generation and go through a 13 point statistical process control before reaching your cleanroom. Compatible with ISO Class 6+ (Class 1000) cleanroom environments. Pick up spills and overflows without your wipe falling apart. And, a it maintains strength when wet. Works great with IPA and your other cleaning solvents. Wipe Without Worry. Soft texture won’t scratch your sensitive surfaces. Autoclavable for aseptic environments, too. Class 100 Packaged. Be a Master of Spills and use TekniZorb Nonwoven Wipers in your Cleanroom. Choose from 6 sizes from 4” to 18”, you can even order as a roll 36” wide.
What type of cleanroom border/edge seal does this wipe have?
This non-woven wipe has a hot knife sealed edge, compatible with Cleanroom Class 100-10,000 (ISO 5-7). The edge ensures excellent absorbency and particle removal. It has higher levels of fiber than knit wipes, but are a more economical choice for picking up spills and cleaning surfaces. This edge is specifically intended for high-volume applications. 


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Additional Information
Cleanroom Compatability:
ISO Class 6 (Class 1000)
55% Polyester | 45% Cellulose
Hot Knife Sealed Edges
Production Environment:
ISO 9001
Packaging Environment:
Class 100
Statistical Process Control:
13 Point Inspection
Basis Weight:
Extrinsic Absorbency Capacity:
Intrinsic Absorbency Capacity:
Sorptive Rate:
Purity Specifications:
Particles/m² (Particles 0.5 - 100um):
Typical - 20 x 10⁶ | Maximum - 80 x 10⁶
Fibers/m² (Fibers > 100um):
Typical - 0.18 x 10⁶ | Maximum - 0.26 x 10⁶
Nonvolatile IPA Extractant Residue:
Typical - 0.006 / 0.7 | Maximum 0.007 / 0.7
Nonvolatile DIW Extractant Residue:
Typical - 0.03 / 3.0 | Maximum 0.06 / 6.0
Extractable Ions Calcium (Ca+) ppm/ ug/g:
Typical 22 | Maximum < 30
Extractable Ions Chloride (CI-) ppm/ ug/g:
Typical 20 | Maximum < 30
Extractable Ions Potassium (K+) ppm/ ug/g:
Typical 15 | Maximum < 30
Extractable Ions Magnesium (MG²+) ppm/ ug/g:
Typical 36 | Maximum < 50
Extractable Ions Sodium (Na+) ppm/ ug/g:
Typical 30 | | Maximum < 50
Test Method Orbital Shake:
IEST-4.3-6.1.4 & IEST-4.3-6.2.2
Test Method Short Term Extraction:
Test Method Standard Extractable:
Manufacturer Part Number:
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