CleanTex CT833 All Screen Wipes 100/box

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CleanTex All Screens Monitor Wipes

Cleans all monitors . . including glare screens

  • One-step all purpose cleaner for all screen types and glare filters (except mesh filters).
  • Presaturated solution evaporates in seconds. Clean and polish with one ready-to-use wipe.
  • Soft and non abrasive wipe.
  • Wipe size: 5" x 5".
  • Individually packaged, 100 CleanTex All Screens wipes per box.
  • CleanTex Part# CT833

Made in USA Made in USA


CleanTex CT833 All Screen Wipes, 100/Box, CT833

If you are on the hunt for screen wipes that work on both anti-glare (except mesh filters), and monitor screens, get the CleanTex CT833 screen wipes.

The wipes will effectively polish and clean all screens, and the cleaner evaporates in seconds leaving a perfect finish. The wipes measure 5” by 5”, and are soft and non-abrasive so they don’t scratch delicate surfaces and they are ideal for cleaning office equipment and decontaminating electronic components in a laboratory.

Clean and polish all screen types including anti-glare screen with these presaturated pads. AllScreens cleaning solution evaporates in seconds. Soft and nonabrasive prewetted wipers means you dont have to spray or carry around cleaners. 1-step screen cleaning wipes sealed in foil packets, ready-to-use on any screen.

CleanTex AllScreens Monitor Wipes SDS Sheet

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Wipe Size:
5" x 5"
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