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CleanTex CT804 Ink Off Wipes 72/box


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CleanTex InkOff Wipes

Keep your hands clean! Special ink removing hand cleaner.

  • Finally a wipe that removes toner stains, carbon, ribbon ink, printer stains and other office equipment stains from your hands quickly, safely!
  • Saturated with a special ink removing formulation, it is ideal for office equipment service technicians, computer field engineers, and mailroom personnel.
  • Ink-Off wipes are recommended for use in copying and duplicating departments to keep hands clean.
  • Enriched with lanolin to help prevent dry skin, so your hands stay soft.
  • Strong cloth holds up to the most vigorous cleaning.
  • Wipe size: 5" x 7". Individually packaged, 72 CleanTex Ink Off wipes per box.
  • CleanTex Part# CT804.

Made in USA Made in USA


CleanTex CT804 InkOff Wipes 72/Box

Are you tired of getting your hands soiled with office ink? The CleanTex CT804 InkOff wipes are effective in removing toner stains, typewriter ink, carbon, computer printer smudges, and any other form of stains caused by office equipment. They are individually sealed to ensure they stay fresh. These wipes are enriched with lanolin to prevent your hands from drying after use. They are soft, yet strong to withstand vigorous wiping. They are ideal for use in copying and duplicating departments, computer field engineers, office equipment, mailroom personnel, and servicing of office equipment.

Hands stained with ink? Get INK OFF! Use special ink removing hand cleaner. Easily clean ink, toner, and carbon stains from your hands and fingers with this wipe designed specifically to remove ink. Lanolin enriched wipe prevents your skin from drying out . Strong yet non-abrasive, this 5” x 7” wiping cloth holds up to vigorous hand wiping so it finishes the job without falling apart. Inkoff wipes are sealed in individual packets so they stay fresh and ready to clean. Gently yet thoroughly wipe away hand ink stains from toner, type-writer ribbons, printer smudges and other ink stains from your hands. How many times have you changed the toner in your copier or printer and ended up with toner smeared on your hands? Which is why CleantTex CT804 Inkoff wipes are a necessity when working with ink, toners, printers, fingerprinting and more.

Simply open a CleanTex Inkoff wipe packet and easily clean your hands and fingers with special ink removing formula that also leaves your skin soft. No more giving up and walking around your workplace with stained hands. These wipes are ideal to have on hand for workers in the office equipment service industry, mailrooms, print shops, and anywhere you get ink on your hands. Wipe away your frustrations and get your clean hands back.

Suggested applications:

  • Ideal for use with ribbon ink, printers and writing instruments.
  • Excellent for removing ink when fingerprinting.
  • CleanTex Ink Off Wipe dimension - 5" x 7".

CleanTex Ink Off CT804 Wipe SDS Sheet

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Wipe Size:
5" x 7"
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