Unitek PolyPure Cleanroom Polyester Wipe (4 Sizes)

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UNITEK PolyPure 10 Cleanroom Polyester Wipes

Class 10 Cleanroom Ready - Ultrasonic Sealed Edges

  • Lint Free. 100% polyester with two edges cut and ultrasonic sealed. Basis weight of 110g/m2.
  • Ultrasonic Sealed Edge using pressure & heat to create an ultrasonic seal for fiber and particle retention. Ultrasonic Sealing is superior to Laser Sealing as it results in a softer edge, and lower carbon levels.
  • Versatile. Handles spills and general cleanup in class 10 cleanroom environments.
  • Packaged in double sealed polybags.
  • Metallic and Ion extractable levels are extremely low.
  • Choose from 4 sizes:
    • 4"x 4" , packaged 600 wipes per bag.
    • 6" x 6", packaged 300 wipes per bag.
    • 9" x 9", packaged 150 wipes per bag.
    • 12" x 12", packaged 75 wipes per bag.
  • Unitek# CRP0635 | 4 Sizes to choose from. 

Suggested applications: Highly absorbent. Excellent for spill clean-up and general cleaning in cleanroom, microelectronic, laboratory, and industrial maintenance.

Unitek PolyPure 10 Polyester Cleanroom wipe TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

Unitek PolyPure Polyester Cleanroom Wipe MSDS SHEET


Extra Information

Wipe Size:
4" x 4"
Wipe Size:
6" x 6"
Wipe Size:
9" x 9"
Wipe Size:
12" x 12"
Edge Seal:
ISO 4+ (Class 10+)