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Tyvek Medical Sterilization Tubing Rolls, 100' roll, 6" and 10" widths


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Protect your devices with a flexible, sterile barrier. Sterilization tubing constructed from strong, medical grade materials that easily withstand heavy instrumentation. For low temperature sterilization only. View full description


Tyvek Medical Sterilization Tubing Rolls

Designed for safety and convenience, Tyvek material sterilization tubing can be cut into custom lengths to match instrument and supply shapes, ensuring efficient utilization of tubing and minimizes waste. Tough Tyvek withstands heavy instrumentation and resists punctures from irregular or sharp edges found in many surgical devices and maintains it's color, flexibility and microbial barrier after undergoing low-temperature sterilization processes.

  • Outstanding microbial penetration resistance - Tyvek is a superior microbial barrier, helping maintain sterility of the contents of pouches until opened. Tyvek will retain its color, flexibility and superior protective properties even after sterilization.
  • Superior safety and strength - Tough Tyvek material resists tears and punctures, even from the irregular or sharp edges of many surgical devices.
  • Low particle generation - Tyvek generates very few airborne particles—unlike medical-grade papers that can release a significant number of particulates when a package is opened. This clean peel of Tyvek® minimizes the risk of introducing particulates into a clean environment.
  • Versatile sterilization - Ideal for odd-sized, long or bulky objects. Continuous roll format allow for customizable length to accommodate packaging different lengths of medical instruments or supplies.
  • Intended for low-temperature sterilization - Compatible with EtO sterilization.
  • Size and packaging:
    • 6" x 100' roll, 8 rolls per case.
    • 10" x 100' roll, 4 rolls per case.


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6" x 100' roll, 8 rolls per case
10" x 100' roll, 4 rolls per case
Sterilization Tubing