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Best Reusable Nitrile Gloves

Published by Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies on Jan 09, 2024

Reusable nitrile gloves are useful when chemical or cut resistant protection is needed.

What are reusable nitrile gloves?

Reusable nitrile gloves are gloves made from nitrile intended to be used multiple times before being disinfected or disposed of. Many chemical resistant and cut resistant nitrile gloves can be washed and reused for months or years before needing to be disposed of.

Cut resistant nitrile gloves can be machine washed and reused without damaging the fabric. Whereas chemical resistant nitrile gloves can be wiped down, disinfected and then used again.

What are 3 benefits of reusable nitrile gloves?

Reusable nitrile gloves can protect you from cuts, abrasions, punctures and chemical hazards.

The specific protection you get should be based on your hazard. Many find that reusable nitrile gloves offers the best durability over other reusable glove materials.

When you need the best coated gloves, nitrile is a good choice because of its durability and broad chemical resistance.

Can nitrile gloves be reused?

Disposable nitrile gloves should not be reused as they can carry bacteria and infectious diseases that may spread. The CDC in association with researchers found that when disposable nitrile gloves are repeatedly sanitized, the nitrile rubber degrades until after 10 disinfections the rubber is no longer functional.¹

Depending on your glove brand and the material thickness, you may find that your glove is not functional after a single disinfection with high purity isopropyl alcohol or Purell Hand Sanitizer.

Because of this, the CDC only recommends re-using disposable nitrile gloves when there are severe supply constraints that prevent you from using a new pair of gloves.² We recommend Kimberly Clark Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves for medical hazards.

When should nitrile gloves not be reused?

The CDC explicitly recommends nitrile gloves not to be reused when in a high risk setting. If you are exposed to infectious diseases or hazardous fluids then nitrile gloves should not be reused. This includes hazards such as COVID-19, ebola, chemotherapy drugs, and blood-borne pathogens.

Where can I buy reusable nitrile gloves?

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is your source for reusable nitrile gloves. We have decades of experience providing chemical, cut resistant nitrile gloves along with disposable nitrile for a broad range of industries and hazards. If you have a need it’s likely covered by our product offering.