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Puritan Lint-free Precision Cotton Swab Bundle for Painting Miniatures and Models, Crafts and Hobby Projects (150 Swabs)

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Experience precision application with this 150-swab bundle, perfect for detailing and applying adhesives, especially in small amounts. View full description


Puritan Lint-free Precision Cotton Swab Bundle for Painting Miniatures and Models, Crafts and Hobby Projects (150 Swabs)

Precision pointed tip applicator kit for craft and hobby enthusiasts. The absorbent double-ended cotton swab tips are tightly wound for strength and minimalizing fiber shedding. Three sizes are included so you have the perfect tips for applying adhesives, lubricants, and paint, especially in small amounts and with fine detail. Replica finishes, such as weathering effects, water surfaces, textures of wood and rock can be achieved with the use of the right swab. Very fine tips can be used to draw fine lines through with paint, to depict the damage of combat or add pinstriping to a classic auto.

The items mentioned are great for model building, miniature painting, crafting and scrapbooking, but they're not just for hobbyists. Graphic artists, watch makers, jewelry artists, art conservators, archaeologists, curators, collectors, professional modelers all employ these simple tools. So grab your tools and get busy. Also check out our wooden tongue depressors and orange sticks, excellent for use as props, shims, stands, stirrers, spreaders, and more.

  • Multi-Purpose - High-quality, low-linting cotton swabs with sturdy and sharp double point fine tips make it easy to apply paints and glues.
  • Highly Absorbent - Swabs are compatible with solvents and solutions such as isopropyl alcohol and acetone. The swab materials resist corrosion and are designed to stand up to the task at hand.
  • Great Value - Get 3 different precision swabs for all of your fine detail applications. 150 swabs mean you can just dispose of them after use, simplying clean up.

Bundle Includes 50 of each swab, each type packaged in anti-static and silicone-free packaging:

  • Puritan #870-PC-DBL: Tip Size: 8.509 mm (0.335") L x 2.2 mm (0.087") D. Overall length: 75.997 mm (2.992").
  • Puritan #871-PC-DBL: Tip Size:10.998mm (0.433") length, 3.0mm (0.118") depth. Overall length 78.994mm (3.11").
  • Puritan #872-PC-DBL: 10.998mm (0.433") L x 5.156mm (0.185") D. Overall length: 81mm (3.189"). 

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