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Puritan Tapered & Regular Tip Cotton Swab, 6 in., Wood Shaft

Puritan Medical Products

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Puritan Tapered & Regular Tip Cotton Swab

Double Tipped - Saves!

Save money with versatility. Double cotton tip applicator with mini tapered and regular tips gives you dual use. 6 inch long sturdy wood handle gives you good reach, handling, and rigid cleaning power without being cumbersome. Double tipped cotton applicator is made of absorbent 100% medical grade cotton and birch wood. The highest quality swabs you’ll handle. Mini tapered tip lends to precise and thorough cleaning. Use the tapered tip to clean your hard to reach places or fine crevices. Use the regular tip for your general clean-up or wipe up; its super absorbent!

  • Highly absorbent cotton swab, made from USP (U.S.Pharma) grade cotton fiber to ensure consistency of the tip, soft non-abrasive.
  • Seamless cotton swab, no exposed edges. Compatible with most solvents/chemicals.
  • Tapered on one end and a regular tip on the other.
  • Regular Tip Size: 15.875 mm (.625") L x 4.775 mm (.188") D.
  • Tapered Tip Size: 15.875 mm (.625") L x 2.159 mm (.085") D
  • Overall Length: 152.4mm (6in.) Wood shaft.
  • Packaged: 10 boxes of 5 bags per box; 100 swabs per bag = 5,000/cs. Made in USA.
  • Puritan Double Tip Cotton Swab # 821-WC DBL


With traits for fine and delicate work, these double-ended cotton head applicators are perfect for your precise applications such as jewelry work, art restoration, controlled environments, and medical applications. Also ideal for general patient care, cleaning, and removing dirt, contamination, fluxes, and resins.


Made in the USA with high quality pharma grade cotton carded and coiled onsite to maintain premiere consistency and quality. High grade cotton is bonded securely to a sturdy wood handle by an aqueous based adhesive. Safe to use with most solvents and chemicals for tough cleaning jobs. You can rely on the quality of these medical grade swabs. Use these double tipped cotton swabs to save time and money – just flip over the swab for another tip. Double-ended, double savings! These swabs will stand up to the job are like having two swabs in one.

Puritan Tapered & Regular Tip Cotton Swab Tech Specs

Made in USA Made in USA

Extra Information

Puritan Medical Products
Overall Length:
6 in.
Tip Material:
Shaft Material:
Transport Tube:
Country of Origin:
Tip Diameter:
0.188 in. (4.776 mm)