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Medline FitRight ActivEdge Bladder Control Pads for Women, 9 size options


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Medline FitRight ActivEdge Women's Bladder Control Pads

Laugh. Dance. Workout. FitRight gives you the confidence to live well without needing to worry about those little leaks you can’t control, and nobody needs to know you’re wearing a FitRight pad except you. Superior design and materials ensure the most comfortable, convenient, reliable and discreet protection from bladder leakage. Recommended for those who experience light bladder leakage and can walk on their own but may need occasional assistance.

  • Discreet - Slim design is contoured to fit your body comfortably for protection that follows your every move. Thin and superabsorbent with no "crinkly" liner. Adhesive strip gently holds the pad in place in any type of underwear.
  • Comfortable - Breathable and super soft. Super-absorbent core locks in moisture and odor and keeps skin dry.
  • Confidence - Waterproof backsheet on Moderate, Maxmimum, and Ultimate sizes is soft, comfortable and fabric-like; won't make crinkle noises like plastic backsheets. FlexGuard anti-leak protection on Moderate, Maximum, and Ultimate options. 
  • Designed for women - Moisture-wicking topsheet features a tasteful design for feminine appearance.
  • Size, Guide, & Packaging - Individually wrapped to go anywhere with discretion. Available in longer length for increased absorbency and coverage.
    • Panty Liner (Very Light): 7". 40 pads/bag, 12 bags/case= 480 pads per case.
    • A few drops when I laugh, sneeze, or cough:
      • Light: 3.5" x 9". 20 pads/bag, 12 bags/case= 240 pads per case.
      • Light Long: 3" x 11". 20 pads/bag, 9 bags/case= 180 pads per case.
    • Dribbles, especially when active:
      • Moderate: 4" x 11". 16 pads/bag, 12 bags/case= 192 pads per case.
      • Moderate Long: 3.5" x 12.5". 16 pads/bag, 9 bags/case= 144 pads per case.
    • Frequent trickles or streams, even when relaxing:
      • Maximum: 5" x 14". 10 pads/bag, 12 bags/case= 120 pads per case.
      • Maximum Long: 4" x 15.75". 20 pads/bag, 6 bags/case= 120 pads per case.
    • A gush or burst that can happen anytime:
      • Ultimate: 6" x 16". 10 pads/bag, 12 bags/case= 120 pads per case.
    • Trickles, streams, or gushes, in particular while leaning back and/or light fecal discharge:
      • Overnight: 8.5" x 16". 24 pads/bag, 6 bags/case= 144 pads per case. 50% wider backside for nighttime coverage.

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