KleenGuard V40 HellRaiser Safety Glasses, 4 Lens Options, each

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  • KleenGuard V40 HellRaiser Safety Glasses look cool, stay comfortable, and provide superior eye protection
  • KleenGuard V40 HellRaiser Safety Glasses have hardcoated lenses for scratch resistance and longer life
  • KleenGuard HellRaiser Safety Glasses with flex-point temples provide comfort and stability during extended use
  • KleenGuard HellRaiser Safety Glasses have a slim profile that fit under most helmets and shields
  • KleenGuard HellRaiser Safety Glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ standards and provide 99.9% UV protection (UVA/UVB/UVC)
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About this Product

Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard V40 Hellraiser Safety Glasses

Drive compliance with comfortable and stylish eye protection!

  • Protection.
    • Wrap Around style assures eye protection.
    • 99.9% UV protective scratch resistant dual polycarbonate lenses.
    • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ high impact requirements.
  • Long-term comfort.
    • Extremely lightweight, removes temptation to move them to the top of the head.
    • Flex-point temples for comfort and stability for long stretches of time.
    • Compact for comfort when used with other PPE like face shields and welding hoods.
  • Design:
    • Flexible, bends where other eyewear break.
    • Hard-coated lens last longer, resist more scratches.
    • Smoke Mirror lenses provide glare reduction outdoors.
    • Lightweight sunglasses-styling can be used by men and women in a variety of work environments.
  • Lens Options:
    • Clear - For general indoor applications
    • Smoke - For outdoor applications in dimming light without color distortion.
    • Amber - Creates maximum contrast enhancement in low light environments
    • Indoor/outdoor - Lens allow more light through than gray lens to allow easy transition between indoors and outdoors. Reduces glare from artificial light.
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Technical Details

Lens Style:
Clear Lens
Lens Style:
Amber Lens
Lens Style:
Gray Lens
Lens Style:
Indoor/Outdoor Lens
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