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Eyesaline Eyewash with Extended Flow Nozzle, 32 oz., each


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Honeywell Eyesaline Personal Eyewash Bottle, 32 oz

  • Supplementary eye care - Portable and ready to use emergency eyewash bottles can be located closer to contaminants to provide immediate treatment prior to reaching primary eyewash equipment, and for continued irrigation en route to medical care after 15-minute eyewash. Also ideal for flushing nuisance particles such as pollen, dust, saw dust, smoke, etc.
  • Superior to tap water - Preserved, buffered, and sterile saline solution is physiologically balanced to the pH and salinity of human tears.
  • Extended flow nozzle provides longer flow than conventional 32 oz. bottles. Deliver an irrigating stream safely.
  • Tamper-resistant bottle - Blow-fill-seal bottles resist tamper while being easily removed in an emergency. FDA-grade polyethylene bottles feature lot numbers and expiration dates.
  • Refill for wall stations - Use as refills for Honeywell Eyesaline Single and Double Eyewash Wall Stations (32 oz). 

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