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Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Eyewash Station, each


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Honeywell Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Emergency Eyewash Station

  • Easy install eyewash station - Self-contained Emergency Eyewash Station delivers a constant flow of saline for 15 minutes. No plumbing requirement means it can be affordably placed near most workplace hazards (via wall mount or optional mobile cart). Use of sealed saline cartridges means no mixing or measuring required.
  • Superior to tap water - Factory-sealed Eyesaline preserved, buffered, saline solution is contaminant-free and balanced to the pH and salinity of human tears. 
  • Constant flow rate and stream height0.4 gpm flow rate for entire 15-minute cycle required by ANSI Z358.1-2004, delivered via soft "ribbon" of saline solution for maximum comfort.
  • Integral Fluid reservoir - Waste fluid is captured, eliminating spill hazards and simplify fluid disposal. Integral valve at bottom allows easy draining of reservoir after use.
  • 5-minute cartridge replacement - Cartridges (not included) are factory-sealed until activated, with expiration date is included on activation straps. Cartridges are designed to last up to 24 months from date of manufacture: four times longer than other primary self-contained eyewashes.
  • Size: 30 in. H x 23 in. W x 30 in. D.

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