EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats, 4 sizes & 3 Colors, 4/case

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  • EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats contain renewable plant-based material that reduce C02 emissions
  • EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats are earth friendly without compromising performance
  • EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats are recyable
  • EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats remove and contain dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels
  • EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats are low profile and capture 99% of all foot borne contaminants
  • EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats are ideal for cleanrooms, medical facilities, and industrial applications
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About this Product

Purus EnviroTack Cleanroom Adhesive Mats, 18 in. x 36 in.

  • Environmentally friendly contamination control - Cleanroom tacky mats are made from GMO free, renewable, plant based Cardia BioHybrid™ material that reduces CO2 emissions without compromising reliability and performance. Recyclable in conventional plastic recycling streams.
  • Capture 99% of all foot borne contaminants - Placing adhesive mats in high traffic areas removes contaminants and particles from shoes, equipment wheels and more. Quality bio-based adhesive film blend ensures that dirt and contaminants are captured. Adhesive Mats are treated with an anti-microbial agent for added protection.
  • Easy to use - Peel off to expose a fresh sheet. A low profile numbered tab indicates the number of remaining layers and ensures one-layer-at-a-time removal. Low-profile mats won't get in the way of work processes.
  • Cleanroom Ready - Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility and processed in Class 100 environment. Also great for hospital, pharmaceutical, nuclear, janitorial, and industrial use.
  • Color, size, and packaging - 18 x 36" cleanroom sticky mats available in Blue, Grey or White. Each tacky mat is poly-bagged. Four 30-sheet adhesive mats per case.
    • 30 layer mats are also available packaged 8 mats per case upon request (at same cost as 2 x 4 mats/case).

Suggested applications:

  • Adhesive Mats also called Tacky Mats or Contamination Control Mats are easy to use and prevent dirt and particulates from transferring to floors or to inside a cleanroom lab or manufacturing area.
  • Cleanrooms, Hospitals, Labs, Warehouse to Office settings, Construction sites, Real Estate Open Houses, Microelectronic Manufacturers.
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Technical Details

18" x 36"
LDPE Blend
Film Thickness:
1.3 +/- .2 mil
Adhesive Thickness:
0.3 mil
Peel Adhesion "top":
6.5 oz
Heat Resistance:
158°F / 70° C – 48 Hours
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