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Dynarex Resp-O2™ CPR Face Shield With Soft Case

Dynarex Resp-O2™ CPR Shields and Masks are designed to provide a physical barrier between the responder and patient, reducing the risk of cross-contamination during CPR. The CPR Shield features a barrier filter and one-way valve that prevents patient blowback to the caregiver throughout administration. 

    • CPR Face Shields prevent mouth-to-mouth contact to protect caregivers from the transfer of fluids.
    • Lightweight shields have a one-way valve to eliminate blow back.
    • Soft case packaging has a swivel eye hook to attach to belt loop, key chain, or wherever is convenient.
    • Not made with natural latex rubber.
    • Individually packaged, one disposable CPR shield per soft case.
    • Available individually or a case of 100 CPR shields.
    • Dynarex Items #4923 & 36021
      • Note" The Dynarex #4923 CPR Face Shield has been rebranded as #36021. You may receive product with the original part number during the transition.

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